On a personal note… I’m back!

3 posts in 12 months is not the ideal frequency I was hoping for when launching this blog… It has been an extremely challenging and demanding period recently. Actually today represents the first real weekend after 14 months where I can choose and not my to-do list tells me what needs to be done… That says it all! On the other side having finished my MBA at IE Business School in Madrid and even more important, having finalized the MBO of sms.at and subsequent launch of Up to Eleven just feels great.

I want to take this post as opportunity to share my major learnings out of the last 1 1/2 year:

  1. Never think again that I need to do everything at the same time and don’t stress myself. Life is long enough hopefully to do whatever I’d like to do. Just keep track.
  2. Steve Jobs is so right here. Find & do what you love. Don’t settle. Don’t waste time, it’s too valuable. I’m getting closer…
  3. I can work very hard with almost no sleep over a long time. That’s good to know, but at the same time I have also learned that efficiency dropped immensely. There is no direct relationship between effort & efficiency.
  4. All great things I’ll achieve can be attributed to pushing my own limits. I need to test new waters in order to grow. If I do it with confidence and optimism I’ll most likely never regret.
  5. An MBA can be worth the money as long as you’re looking for a corporate career or get a sponsorship. ¬†When doing it, do it full-time (see point 1 above).
  6. The world is huge. China, India, Africa,… unbelievable in size. I’ll never be anything special, because, most likely, there are thousands going through exactly the same situation than me in another part of the world. Context makes us special. (see point 8)
  7.  Following from 6, Europe is, on average, a dying concept. Rich, old, slow, bureaucratic, risk-averse, corrupt. Others do much better.
  8. Nothing is more important than the people close to me. It’s my origin and backbone. Without them, a lot would not have been possible so far (heavily linked to point 4).

That’s it for the time being. Although I hope that there were more learnings than just these 8 points I am curious to check these points again in a few years and see if I share the same views.

Meanwhile, the sun is out and it’s time to enjoy summer. Yeah!!!

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