My first blog entry

It’s done. My personal blog is out and here comes the first entry.

It has been a huge effort and very interesting journey for a non-techie to create this blog. Thanks to the support of some really skilled people I was able to not only do it, but also to learn from it. So meanwhile I can change colors and fonts in html. Let’s see what comes next.

People close to me (for those not, please read here for some more info) know that my time schedule is quite limited with all the things I am going after, so one might seriously ask, why on earth am I starting my own blog and will I post new stories regularly?

There are two reasons why I am starting this blog. Reason one is that from time to time I had the inner feeling to share some news and stories publicly. I don’t have the expectation that thousands of people will ever follow this blog, but theoretically this blog is available to everybody, thus it provides me with a tool to share more complex stories that on 140 characters on twitter.
Secondly, I believe if every human shares his most interesting and relevant (!) news/learnings/wisdom publicly the world will become a better place. With global population continuously growing and more and more people getting the ability to participate in the information economy, there will be almost infinite opportunities to learn from each other. The more intense the network of information is, the lower will be the transaction cost of learning, thus efficiency gains for humankind. With this blog I want to make my micro-contribution.

Concerning frequency of blog updates the key word was already mentioned in the last paragraph. Relevancy (see also the wise words of Laotse in the sidebar). I will only blog if things come up that seem relevant to me for a potential reader of this blog. Because there is no way to schedule relevant news in advance, there will also be no regular flow of updates.

So thanks for reading up until here. Watch out for some further stories in the next months about my profession & passion around mobile internet, smartphones and the web in general or for some abstract thoughts that come to my mind.


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